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This demo site is meant as a learning/demo for users of the InsiteCreation CMS system which we support. It is not intended as a total resource on the CMS system. It is a place to start, and reference to the CMS. Our support for the application is based on our experience with it. We were so confident about the product we use it daily.  

Our goal with this learning demo site is to help those people who have never used a content management system for their web site. After all the point of a CMS is for those who do not know HTML and have no wish to learn it.

We will provide some help for the intermediate developer too but this is certainly not a training class for advanced code writers who have the ability to write their own modules and build on the framework for this CMS system.

The goal here is to provide a place for the novice and intermediate developer to learn and get comfortable with the CMS system. We like working with this system so much we bought the server version of the product as we have found so many CMS systems were either too difficult for the users to understand, or lacked enough features.
This system is so robust it can handle millions of pages and the content is easy to manage for just about anyone.
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