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Below is a great place to start: More sub catagory movies are on the right -------->

This is one of the first movies you should watch. We recommend that you just start off creating pages. Do not be concerned about how you will organize things at this point just start off creating pages.
You can at anytime delete, re-name, or move the pages as your content grows and needs to be reorganized.
This is the first thing we recommend everyone do before starting with other aspects of the CMS system. It shows two things, the first page and first catagory in the navigation.
The next step of course is selecting the template you plan to base the site on. Of course if you a developer you might wish to create your own. You will find it as the link on the right called Select-Template.
When naming your pages do not use spaces in the name as this puts a % between the spaces as a result. Of course you can use a - where a space would be. You can of course leave a space in the title of a page just not the page name as it is in the URL. This is important to name a page as it improves the SEO indexing for your site.


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